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How To Recover Deleted Photos from WhatsApp - A Step-by-Step Guide

WhatsApp is a messaging app that has revolutionized the way people communicate. It’s become an essential part of our lives and has made it easier than ever to stay connected with friends and family worldwide. And one of its valuable features is that you can share images quickly and easily.

Losing an important WhatsApp photo can be stressful, but the good news is that there are ways to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp. This guide will show you how to quickly and painlessly recover your lost images.

Locate the WhatsApp app data folder on your device.

Before recovering your photos, you need to find your WhatsApp app data folder. This folder contains all the media files associated with your conversations, including the images you want to recover. The location of this folder is different on each device, so be sure to look up where it is for yours. Once you have located it, open the folder, and you'll be able to start your photo retrieval process.

Connect and access the data file from a computer.

To be able to recover the photos, you have to connect your smartphone to a computer. Afterwards, access the data folder where your WhatsApp media is stored and open it up to continue retrieving the deleted images. You mustn't disconnect during this process! Also, save any recovered photos in another location, like your Desktop or Google Drive, so that they won't get lost.

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Restore deleted files using an appropriate software program.

You can quickly retrieve deleted photos from WhatsApp using programs like Dr Fone and Stellar Data Recovery. These programs are simple to install and offer excellent support for recovering lost data. They detect all messages, photos, videos and documents that have been deleted with just a few clicks. After installation, you need to grant permission to the program to start scanning your device for any deleted files.

Check if the images are in the sub-folders of this folder or its tmp subfolder. 

Open the WhatsApp folder in your device's storage and look for a sub-folder called "cache". Inside this folder, you will find two more folders, "Sent" and "Received". Go into these folders and look for any images recovered by the scanning programs mentioned above. If you're lucky, you will find your deleted photos here. If not, it is worth checking if there is an additional folder within each sub-folder called "temp". In some cases, images may also be stored inside this extra sub-folder.

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Retrieve lost photos from WhatsApp by simply adding them to a folder on your computer or recovering them using a photo recovery tool.

As an alternative to restoring images directly to your device, you can recover deleted photos from WhatsApp by transferring them into a folder on your computer. This will allow you to access the files even if they have been deleted from your device's storage and keep a separate backup of the important conversations. You can also use photo recovery tools such as DiskDigger for Android or Wondershare Recoverit for Mac and Windows, both of which are available online. Both programs can scan the cache folder within WhatsApp in search of deleted images.

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